Times of Refreshing Revival Meetings

October 9 through 11, 2020 Pastor and Evangelist Chris Davies was our featured speaker in a series of revival meetings at New Horizons. Below are some documents he has been kind enough to share with us. The first group deals with preparing you to share the Lord and bring another to Salvation. The second group covers some of the Jewish Feasts that point the way to the Lord. You can view or print them by clicking the links below.
- The Roman Road to Salvation
- Salvation Scriptures to Memorize
- A Sinner's Prayer You Can Pray With Someone
- Advice After Praying the Sinner's Prayer
Teachings on Jewish Feasts
- The Feast of Passover - There's Power in the Blood
- The Feast of First Fruits Mystery
- The Feast of Shavuot
- The Feast of Rosh Hashanah
- The Feast of Sukkot